Appropriate Dress for Church

Scripture is full of references towards garments “set aside for the Lord.” How we dress, like our body language, demeanor, etc, reflects our reverence of the Lord and the holiness of His presence and the place we have “set aside” (i.e. made Holy) to objectively manifest the “kingdom on earth as in heaven.” While we never judge outsiders coming in (they may be wearing all they can afford); the expectation should be that dress matches the environment and place we are in. Yes, God does accept us where we are. Our attitude and demeanor and, yes, our dress, all show whether we accept God for who He is. When we met in the Fire Hall, there was no air conditioning and, with the sweltering heat we allowed some leeway. However, now in our present facility those conditions do not apply. So our approach will be as follows:

Dress should be “professional” as for someone working in an office. Clothing should be neat and pressed. Men should wear shirts that generally would be tucked inside the trousers. No shorts, t-shirts, etc. Shoe wear should be professional (there are walking shoes that are comfortable and look nice). Women: skits and dresses should be knee length, and no higher. No plunging neck-lines (no need to “prove” you are female. Slacks, if worn, that are long (down to the ankles) rather than just below the knee (like breeches). Again, professional and reverent. We should not dress to draw attention to ourselves, but to the Lord.