Church School

Church School begins Sunday, September 13th. Rob Wolfe will be teaching our older students from 9:00 to 10:00. MaryAnn Columbus will be teaching our young ones from 9:45 to 10:45. Classes will be held in the Library/Church School room.

Church School Items:

In addition to singing Sunday school and liturgical songs, reading and learning about our Church and Biblical stories, and doing crafts and games to reinforce lesson themes, our preschoolers will also be role playing Biblical stories throughout the year. If anyone has items/props to enhance our role playing (ex. cane for shepherd, wings for angel) the children would certainly enjoy them.

The Church School could also benefit from the following items:

  • Icon of Jesus and the children
  • Icon of Christ the Teacher
  • Computer
  • CD player
  • Large dry erase board (full classroom size for wall)
  • Large corkboard to hang students’ work
  • Flannel board and felt Bible story figures

If you have something to donate, or would like to contribute to the purchasing of an item, contact Rob Wolfe or MaryAnn Columbus.