What Do We Give (and Leave) to the Lord for all the Good He has given us?

A widower, who is a member of an out of state Parish, shared with me that he has divided his assets evenly between each of his surviving children and his Church. When I asked why, he said it was a matter of priorities and that the well-being of the Church for furthering the Kingdom of God was something that was especially important at his “departure” into the next world where He would stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ to give an account for everything he did or did not do for the Gospel. “How will I stand before the Lord if I leave His Church on earth in great need?” he concluded.

St Matthew’s is a Parish about being an environment of transformation, uncovering the Kingdom to be seen and reach out to the world around us. Your gifts are not just about “maintaining” buildings, etc, but about making the vision of what it means to be Church as a living extension of Christ tangibly present and working in the world the priority.

Please prayerfully consider a trust fund for St Matthew’s and/or remembering the Church in your will. Consult a finance specialist as to the best ways to go about this.

God bless you all.