Mystery of Repentance: Confession

Every fast period is an opportunity to participate in the Mystery (Sacrament) of Repentance/Confession. Those desiring to participate in the Sacrament should make an appointment with Father well before Holy Week. Confessions during Holy Week will only be for great exceptions.

Need a letter to be excused from work or school for Holy Week Services?

Muslims and Jews (or other religions) seeking to participate in their special worship services are excused by employers and schools, even when secular calendars do not provide for time off. Orthodox Christians should be no less committed to the participation in the Great Feasts of the Church, especially its central celebration of Pascha -the death and resurrection of Christ. Those needing a letter, see Father Demetrius.

Being on Time for Services.

Employment, schools, doctor’s offices, etc all require people to be there on time. When something is a matter of health or salary or getting children to school, we tend not to be tardy. Exceptions due to health and other situations are different than a pattern of lateness. Therefore, if one is not able to be at the beginning of Liturgy for reasons other than the above mentioned exceptions, please let Father know why. Participation in the Eucharist is directly tied to and necessitates the hearing the Scriptures read and explained.

Cutting the Noise in the Church Hall.

As the layout of the hall is right next to the area that serves as our Sanctuary, any loud talking definitely spills into the worship taking place. We should be in the Services and leave the social aspect until afterwards at the fellowship hour. If one cannot be in the beginning or end of the Liturgy due to a work service situation, it should be with quiet.