Visitor’s Sunday (10/21) – The Liturgy of St James

A rare opportunity to see how the early church worshipped! 
(And worships still.)

“Come and see”, and soak, and participate.
All are welcome.

On Visitor’s Sunday, Oct 21st, we will celebrate the Liturgy of St. James beginning promptly at 9:45am.  The liturgy is attributed to St James, known as James the Just and as the brother of the Lord, whose Feast Day we celebrate on October 23rd.  It is considered the oldest surviving liturgy developed for general use.

For further introduction to the Liturgy of St James, visit this link to the (scholarly) Catholic Encyclopedia entry.  Or visit this link to the (not-as-scholarly) Wikipedia entry.

A prayer from the Liturgy of St James
Holy are You, King of eternity, and Lord and Giver of all holiness;
Holy also Your only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
by whom You have made all things;
Holy also Your Holy Spirit,
which searches all things, even Your deep things, O God:

Holy are You, almighty, all-powerful, good, dread, merciful,
most compassionate to Your creatures;

Who made man from earth after Your own image and likeness;
Who gave him the joy of paradise;
And when he transgressed Your commandment, and fell away,
did not disregard nor desert him, O Good One,

But chastened him as a merciful father, called him by the law,
instructed him by the prophets;

And afterwards sent forth Your only-begotten Son Himself,
our Lord Jesus Christ, into the world,
that He by His coming might renew and restore Your image…

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