Oct 24th ~ Pan-Orthodox Liturgy of St James


On Saturday, October 24th, beginning with a pre-liturgy explanation at 9:45am,
St. Matthew’s will host a Pan-Orthodox Liturgy of St James.

All are welcome.

Think that what Orthodox Christians celebrate on Sundays and Feastdays is the only way the Eucharist is celebrated? Come, experience worship from the Ancient Liturgical Tradition of Jerusalem-the heart of Christianity.

As there are different Liturgies used at various seasons and times throughout the year the Liturgy of the Jerusalem Tradition, can be celebrated @ October 23 at the Feast of James, the “Brother of the Lord” (first Bishop of Jerusalem- the Liturgy named in honor of him) and the Sunday following Christ’s Birth. Although every Liturgy generally has the same structure and frame, some of the order in St James’ Liturgy varies from the typical, current Byzantine usage in the western hemisphere (e.g. Service begins in the Narthex or Door to the Church, positioning of the clergy who face the people in the 2nd half of the Service, etc). However different, it is nonetheless a valid Service used by the Orthodox Church as much as those ascribed to Chrysostom or Basil. In James’ Liturgy, there is the option to distribute the Eucharist to be received by the laity, under separate elements as do the clergy. This we will do (receiving the consecrated Bread first and then sip from the Chalice).

We will be gathering at 9:45am sharp to explain and prepare for Liturgy that will begin 10:00am (no Greek/Byzantine time). 😉 Come and share this ancient worship celebration with us. All Services in English.

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