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Included are retreats, seminars, services, a wedding, and an introduction to St. Matthew’s (produced with the generous help of a few, talented friends).

2015 Lenten Prayer Retreat:
Prayer in Saint Silouan and Elder Sophrony
with author and patristic scholar, Dr. Christopher Veniamin
of St. Tikhon’s Seminary
This year’s annual St. Matthew’s prayer retreat was held
at the Jesuit Center in Wernersville, PA
2015 Lenten Retreat video scrs

2014 Lenten Prayer Retreat:
Prayer and Stillness in the Christian East

with Fr. Demetrius Nicoloudakis of St. Matthew’s
Our first annual retreat was held at Mariawald Renewal Center in Reading, PA
2014 Lenten Retreat video scrs

Introduction to St. Matthew’s
StMatts_vIntroductionIntroduction to St Matthew’s

The Sacrament of Marriage (June 2013)
A Wedding by Fr. Demetrius of St. Matthew’s and Fr. Noah of St. Philip’s,
chanted by St. Matthew’s chanters,
at St. Philip Orthodox Church in Souderton, PA
stmatts_Wedding1a.  (Part 1) – Chant of I Will Receive the Cup of Salvation with Psalm verses (with Fr. Noah of St. Philip’s)
b.  (Part 2) – Chant of Christ is Risen! with Psalm verses (with Fr. Noah)

Holy Pascha 2013 services

a.  Holy Friday (Part 1)
b.  Holy Friday (Part 2)
c.  Holy Friday (Part 3)
d.  Holy Friday (Part 4)
e.  Holy Saturday Resurrection (Part 1)
f.  Holy Saturday Resurrection (Part 2)
g.  Pascha Sermon

Seminar – Book of Revelation, presented April 2013 at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Lancaster, Pa
a.  Seminar – Book of Revelation (Part 1)
b.  Seminar – Book of Revelation (Part 2)
c.  Seminar – Book of Revelation (Part 3)
d.  Seminar – Book of Revelation (Part 4)

Seminar – Windows to Heaven: Icons and the Ancient Church

a.  Seminar – Windows to Heaven (Part 1)
b.  Seminar – Windows to Heaven (Part 2)
c.  Seminar – Windows to Heaven (Part 3)

Seminar – Confession (Part 1)

Seminar – Three R’s: Rebirth, Re-creation, Resurrection,
presented at Agia Sophia Coffeehouse in Harrisburg, Pa (Part 1)